Get  Motorized Shades For Your Smart Home




$1000   NOW $99

Privacy & Security

Whether you are home or away, you can accurately control your shades from the animated interface on your phone.

Voice & Automation

The home has never been so smart. Control, scheduling, automation...instantly from your phone or voice.

Designed For You

We understands that not all windows come in the same size or include unique design elements that we can personalize for you!

About ARC

ARC™ communication protocol ensures Automate™ motorized shades are reliable, expansive, and easy to use... paving the way for the window coverings of tomorrow’s smart home.

Automate™ Motorization utilizes a new Radio Frequency platform called Automate™ Radio Communication - ARC™. The ARC™ communication protocol utilizes a 433mHz radio frequency, well known for strong, reliable communication in the connected home devices space. Automate™ ARC™ protocol also features bi directional communications which empowers users and connected systems to experience shade control like never before.

The best window coverings balance fashion and function. They bring warmth to a living space, offer perspective into the world around, and keep us safe. AUTOMATE™ shades eliminate a physical operating cord, creating a child and pet safe environment. They bring elements of comfort and convenience to the space we spend most of our lives. They let in the light we need, when we need it, and keep the rest of our lives private when we don’t

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Denver Blind Company understands that the highest quality interior design elements often come with equally unique design challenges. Our company prides itself on rising to these challenges and strives to provide our clients with the highest level of customer satisfaction no matter how difficult the situation. We believe that your individual design circumstances can be met with exceptional solutions, regardless of how challenging or complex the situation may be. Our commitment to offering window treatments and coverings that meet both your functional and fashionable requirements is unparalleled in the industry. No matter what the situation, we aim to rise to the challenge and are excited to work with you on your next speciality design project.