Teach your old home new tricks

Wireless, Rechargeable

Operate from your phone or voice, including Alexa

Technology in Window Treatments

The  home  has  never  been  so  smart.  Control,  scheduling,  automation...instantly  from  your  phone  or  voice.

Whether you are home or away, you can accurately control your shades from the animated interface on your phone. 

At the Denver Blind Company, we offer affordable solutions that allow you to conveniently use our wireless shades from your connected device. This advance in window shade technology has increased an individual’s ability to control vital components of their home - even when they aren’t present. 


What is ARC?

ARC™  communication  protocol  ensures  Automate™ motorized  shades  are  reliable,  expansive,  and  easy  to  use...  paving  the  way  for  the  window  coverings of  tomorrow’s  smart  home. 

Automate™  Motorization  utilizes  a  new  Radio  Frequency  platform  called  Automate™  Radio  Communication  -  ARC™.  The  ARC™  communication  protocol  utilizes  a  433mHz  radio  frequency,  well  known  for  strong,  reliable  communication in  the  connected  home  devices  space.  Automate™  ARC™  protocol  also  features  bi-directional  communications  which  empowers  users  and  connected  systems  to  experience  shade  control  like  never  before.  

The  best  window  coverings  balance  fashion  and  function.  They  bring  warmth  to  a  living  space,  offer  perspective  into  the  world  around,  and  keep  us  safe.  AUTOMATE™  shades  eliminate  a  physical  operating  cord,  creating  a  child  and  pet  safe  environment.  They  bring  elements  of  comfort  and  convenience  to  the  space  we  spend  most  of  our  lives.  They  let  in  the  light  we  need,  when  we  need  it,  and  keep  the  rest  of  our  lives  private  when  we  don’t.

By taking advantage of the Automate PULSE feature, you will be able to specifically control when your shades are open and closed, and can specify these conditions according to whatever parameters you desire. It is also possible to have window shades that have distinct and unique settings that are different for each individual room, allowing a person to maximize their comfort for each are of their home. If you desire one room to allow more light in than another, it is entirely possible to automate these features with the installation of wireless motorized shades. You are easily able to set and manage up to 20 different scenes, increasing your ability to personalize your home’s setting.

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