Smart motorized blinds are the first step towards a more comfortable life. Adding a touch of connectivity and automation, the intensity of light and heat is effortlessly optimized.

You can easily transform any standard blinds into modern electric blinds, and benefit from the convenience of automation!

 wireless shades

4 reasons to choose wireless shades and blinds

  • You can enjoy the amount of natural light you prefer
  • Voice or wireless control. Forget about the strings!
  • You get better comfort due to their thermal insulating effect
  • The privacy of your home is protected

For different moments (waking up in the morning, going to bed in the evening, working etc.), the smart blinds and shades can open, adjust and close silently, ensuring the perfect balance between natural and artificial light. For your optimal visual comfort, the intensity of the light can be maintained constant throughout the day.

Opt for smart blinds to benefit from perfect day and night lighting, and increased your privacy. Choose the motorized blinds that are right for you!

When you purchase smart blinds, you can choose standard or custom models, in different styles and colors, and with different light filtering options (opaque – blackout type, semi opaque – dimout type, or transparent).

All smart blinds are equipped with motion, light and temperature sensors so that they open and close automatically, depending on your preferences.