In the past decade, AI has done huge progress allowing us to get an easier and more comfortable life. If a few years ago, we could see some features just in the movies, nowadays the future is closer than expected. This is the case with smart blinds as well.

motorized skylight shades

How can smart blinds be controlled through AI?

Depending on the blind type that you choose, smart blinds can be controlled through a button, an app, or vocally.

If you install wireless motorized shades or blinds, you can easily control them from near or far using your connected device.

If your home is connected to Alexa or Google Home, you can vocally adjust the blinds according to your preferences. For example, you can schedule the window covering to automatically close when you leave for work or to open automatically in the morning so you can have an easy wake-up. 

Alexa and Google Home are not the only two options that you can use, you can change the motorized window shades from your smartphone or tablet using an app.

Are smart blinds available for skylights too?

Yes, motorized blinds are available nowadays for all types of windows, even for skylights. Innovative motorized skylight shades are a good option for skylight windows because they help cool the home during summer and insulate in cold months.

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