In the summer, the need for effective shading systems is increasing. Equally high is the offer for such systems, the online and physical stores being full of all kinds of promotions for a variety of blinds.

The main questions that arise in this case are “What to choose?  What is the most suitable shading solution for my home or office?”

The advantages of automatic blinds are undeniable, the automatic operation and the remote control/ wireless control via a smart phone being some of the most significant.

Smart blinds work pretty much the same as smart bulbs or thermostats that improve comfort and reduce energy consumption in your home, offering practically the same advantages. They are easy and comfortable to use; with the simple touch of a button, they can open and close automatically while you can continue to do another tasks.

Energy efficient automatic blinds have different sensors. Smart blinds can be programmed so that on very sunny days they prevent the sunlight from entering the room and increase the temperature.

Finally yet importantly, automatic blinds can provide more security. You can schedule them from your smartphone to open and close in order to simulate that there are people in the house, even when you are on vacation.