Honeycomb Shades at Denver Blind Company

In an increasingly vulnerable world, we all want to do our part to stay eco-friendly and environmentally conscious with our choices, including the choice of our window treatments. It also doesn’t hurt that the more energy efficient we are, the kinder our utility bills seem to be on our wallets! Honeycomb shades or cellular shades offered by Denver Blind Company provide the highest energy efficiency in both the summer and the winter due to their unique trapped air pocket technology. With this boon, these shades end up paying for themselves over time!


The Portrait™ Honeycomb Shade option we offer at the Denver Blind Company is award winning for a reason. Comprising rich, proprietary and earth-friendly materials, the Portrait Honeycomb Shades have a cordless and child-safe SmartRise™ Lift System, designed to make daily life around the house that much easier. No more tangled or unleveled window coverings, as these shades self-level.

These honeycomb shades are also available in 6 cell sizes to match the appearance or scale of what you want to cover, large or small, specialty, and even skylights. Even triangular or quarter rounded windows can benefit from a Portrait Honeycomb Shade treatment! We service all types of windows in the Denver area, providing industry leading cellular and honeycomb shade services.

Denver Custom Shades and Blinds

For maximum versatility, you can even select two fabrics with the SmartFit Dual Shade™ that will allow you to adjust between various levels of light filtering, adjusting the darkness with a snap. No unsightly cords dangling, and much less light leaking in. These shades also come in a motorized option, so please reach out to a cellular shade expert here at the Denver Blind Company for more information, or schedule your free consultation today!

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