When you decide to opt for smart blinds, you rightfully may have some questions regarding the quality of materials, the features, and if the money that you are investing is worth it overall.


At Denver Blind Company, we collaborate with two major suppliers that can provide us with a variety of blinds in different fabric materials that can match different needs.

For instance, we can offer our clients SmartDrape shades from Norman USA. These modern smart drapes have soft and delicate fabric materials that make them look like real curtains. In contrast with the classic blinds, you can walk through the drapes, and they will flow back. Even if the material is soft, this does not mean that it is not resistant. These smart drapes are long-lasting, and they can easily be cleaned at the washing machine.

Thanks to AI technology, these smart blinds are free from pull cords, which is a good option for homes with kids or pets as it protects them from the risk of harm. SmartDrape can be installed anywhere – at the windows or wide doors, and it comes two build-in opacities, so you can easily control the light filter – you need to rotate the setting from ‘open’ (that illuminates your room) to ‘close’ to have a darker opacity.

At Denver Blind Company we offer a variety of smart options for your home to control the light coming into your home – from wireless roller shades to smart drapes and motorized shutters and skylight shades. All of them come in a variety of fabrics and with multiple special features. 

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