A smart blind system is automated and saves you from the constant need to adjust your blinds in order to modify the light in the room. However, that’s not all it does. It also uses solar energy to heat your rooms cost-effectively, it protects you and your privacy, it ensures comfortable temperatures and more.

Smart blinds can perform a multitude of tasks.

  • Solar optimization

A system of smart blinds will know where the sun is and what the temperature is; it will use this information to adjust the blinds automatically and heat your rooms through natural sources – thus saving energy.

  • Temperature management

In summer, blinds will help prevent the rooms from heating up too much. In winter, they will maintain heat.

  • Protection against storm

If you have outdoor shutters and it happens to be a storm, they will automatically close to provide protection against wind damage.

  • Simulating your presence in the house

If you are on vacation, smart automatic window blinds will mimic your behavior to discourage potential burglars. Also, if there is an emergency while you are away from home, they will automatically open to make the intervention routes more accessible.

  • Protecting privacy

In the evening, the blinds will automatically close to give you the privacy you need.

  • Sunny mornings

In the morning, the blinds will automatically open, to wake you up.