Premium remote control blinds have become widespread, and they are revolutionary new devices that no longer require manual action to function. As a matter of fact, they can be operated with a remote control or even with smart devices from wherever you may be. Electric blind installation does not have to be impossible if you hire a professional or experienced team for the job.

remote control blinds

To achieve the best results, knowing how to coordinate the whole operation with your contractor is essential. Different styles of electric blinds require different installation methods, and you can decide with your contractor which of these methods to go for. So we could speak of rollerblades, Roman blinds, Venetian blinds, etc.

For instance, the brackets that usually accompany your electric blinds may be installed in two different ways. Top fixing implies that they are screwed in the upper part of the ceiling, whereas face fixing means that they are installed straight on the wall, which is placed above the window’s opening area. This is information your contractor should be willing to share.

At any rate, before the actual installation, you need to check with your contractor whether the fabric matches your order and if you got the correct size.