Progressive Screens for your Windows!

The Leading Motorized Screening Solutions for Your Home and Business

 Revolutionary MagnaTrack System

Discover the revolutionary MagnaTrack system, exclusively available through Progressive Screens. Our patented system features specially designed magnets secured within the tracks to allow for free-floating deployment and maintain constant tension on the screen. This innovative system reduces install time and eliminates 98% of all common service issues and callback requests. 

Enhance Your Outdoor Lifestyle

Progressive Screens offers both residential and commercial applications to enhance your outdoor lifestyle. Our motorized screening solutions can be used for patios, garages, windows, lanais, gazebos, picture windows, outside eating areas, carports, and entryways. Our systems can span up to 30′ wide and 24′ tall, allowing you to maximize your outdoor space.

Guaranteed Hassle-Free Operation

We are proud to offer the MagnaTrack system as the only motorized screen that provides completely hassle-free operation – guaranteed. With our innovative system, you can rest assured that you will experience an easy and reliable deployment every time.

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