Window coverings in the home serve dual purposes: they let in natural light while giving us peace of mind with privacy and security. When it comes to finding the right balance, homeowners tend to turn to traditional corded blinds. However, recent advances in home automation and window treatments have created an opportunity to look for an easier, better way. Enter wireless blinds!

Of course, the obvious benefit to wireless blinds is safety. Young children and pets are particularly vulnerable and exposed to the potential danger of corded blinds due to the pass-through loops of string. Modern parents with corded blinds often find themselves disciplining their children for touching the cords, or else have to resort to keeping them away from that area of the home entirely. Wireless blinds eliminate this potential hazard completely.

blinds automation

Wireless blinds are also incredibly easy to operate. Whether you desire natural light to fill your home or a darker, cozier atmosphere – all it takes is the press of a button. Remote control blinds automation devices are now available with pre-set levels of light, dimming and even automated scheduling for the discerning homeowner who wants the perfect atmosphere even while they are away.

Finally, wirelessly operated blinds require minimal effort for installation. When you leave the task of hanging blinds to a professional, it often consists of fishing wire between the walls, around the frame of the window and stringing the blinds together. None of this is necessary with wireless blinds.