Installing regular blinds on your own could work if you had some experience with it, although even that is not recommended as some types of blinds require precision work and experience to be installed properly. When it comes to electric blinds, this is even more of a fact, as the electric installation and the setup of advanced remote features might be even more of a challenge.

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A lot of things can go wrong during a DIY installation. You could set up the blinds in a way that they won’t open up properly and you’ll need to take everything down and try to install them again – which isn’t always practical or possible. In a worse case scenario, it’s also possible that you might damage part of the setup or damage the electronic system during the installation process. That might cost you a lot of money to replace, since some of these electronics can be very expensive.

A far better option is to call on the best blinds company offering a 5 year warranty to install the blinds for you. Luxury blinds sellers usually provide dependable and skilled installation experts who can set up the blinds properly once they’ve sold them to you. With their expertise at your disposal, you can have your electric blinds properly set up along with any advanced feature they may have.