Each home represents a space for relaxation, where we must feel comfortable and protected. Simple or double, short or up to the floor, uni- or multi-colored, curtains protect us both from the prying eyes of passers-by and the strong sunlight while also having a very important role in decorating the interior.

As technology has managed to transform every aspect of our lives, becoming a part of our present reality, nowadays, we can control a good part of things in our homes with the help of computers and smartphones. Window blinds are some of the things that you can automate without having to modify the electrical installation using special automation solutions.

automatic blinds

A system of automating blinds involves the installation of an electric motor and a special rail that allows the curtain to be operated by means of a remote control.

In addition, motorized automatic blinds can be integrated into a smart home system that allows them to be automatically operated by making settings based on personal lifestyle. In this case, the smart control of the curtains will be done with the help of a control unit from a dedicated mobile application.

Curtain and drape motors can be powered by wire or a built-in battery.