wireless blinds

If you opt for remote control blinds for your next home renovation project, you will be able to enjoy increased comfort, and here is why:

  • You can control them remotely, very easily and conveniently, with the solutions offered by the manufacturers.
  • The range of motorized systems gives you a truly unparalleled acoustic performance when operating the blinds.
  • Thanks to solar sensors, motorized interior blinds will automatically adjust to external conditions. Therefore, they will even help you control your energy consumption much better!
  • Choosing a new lifestyle. Create your own ambience and play with natural light to enjoy peace and privacy. Create numerous closing-opening scenarios on days/hours, depending on your needs and preferences.

Manufacturers provide you with remote control blinds at a balanced quality-price ratio, so you can enjoy high quality products but also save money at the same time. Remote control blinds have a great appearance, integrate wonderfully into the structure of the windows and give you the possibility to block the light completely.

Operating wireless blinds can be done:

  • with a remote control
  • with intelligent control, from any type of smart device with internet connection, and the possibility of programming, creating scenarios for closing / opening.

       *or using a combination of the above variants