motorized window shades

A combination of comfort, technology and elegance, wireless blinds are important for a more comfortable lifestyle. By adding a touch of connectivity and automation, you protect the privacy of your home and ensure maximum comfort, without too much effort. With silent motors and rails, as well as with smart connectivity options, you can turn any blinds or shades into their motorized versions, which you can control remotely, from your smartphone or even with the help of a smart speaker, operated separately or in a group.

Reasons why motorized window shades are popular today

  • They are automatic systems that protect your privacy
  • They allow you to enjoy the degree of natural light you want, in different moments
  • You can create the ideal comfort
  • You can control them very easily
  • In the evening, to protect your privacy, wireless blinds can be scheduled to turn off automatically, allowing you to stay away from prying eyes
  • They are a combination of comfort and elegance

Choose the wireless blinds that are right for you!

Manufacturers help you with the installation, offering you a wide range of motorized solutions. The engine and rail can be easily integrated with all types of blinds. The engine is hidden behind the blinds and rails, being available in any length (up to 10 m). It is suitable for blinds and shades with any type of opening (left, right or central).