Frequently Asked Questions

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Can you motorize my existing window treatments?

Most of the time, yes without issue. Our experience and expertise allow us to convert virtually
any existing manual product to a capable, quiet automated shade.

Do the blind motors work with Google, Alexa, or Brilliant ?

Yes! We offer a wide range of products that allow you to control your shades from your phone,
Brilliant controllers, or as a piece of a scene activated through Google, Alexa or Apple Home Kit.

How long do the battery (wire-free) motors last between charges?

Depending on a variety of factors, you can expect your motors to last at minimum one year
before needing any recharging. If you use your products less than twice a day, we have have
motors that last into a third year before needing any charging.

Can I operate my window treatments from my phone?

Yes, even while you’re on the beach!

How long do the battery motors last? What is the warranty?

A fully charged battery will last close to a year at minimum; often clients use the same charge
for over two years. The motors themselves are warrantied for an industry standard 5 years!

Do you offer free in-home estimates?

Yes. We can get you scheduled with a experienced representative who will meet with you at
your residence, at your convenience. Schedule your free consultation with us here

Is DBC licensed and insured? How long have we been at this?

DBC is licensed and insured and all employees are covered according to all state and federal
laws. Collectively, we here at DBC have been doing this for over 50 years and have completed
some of the most sophisticated jobs in the state.

Are battery (wirefree) motors cheaper than hardwired motors?

Battery motors eliminate the expense of running wire throughout a house. In an existing home,
running power to window treatments is generally cost prohibitive since you must also hire
painters, drywallers, and an electrician. With the development and long life of Li-Ion batteries,
we expect the use of wire-free motors to continue to grow.

Does DBC work with contractors in the planning stages to locate power and clearances?

Yes, and this is often a critical step commonly overlooked. We are happy to work with any
contractor and architect and can provide wiring diagrams, blocking and installation
requirements and full submittals. We are just a phone call away!