Even though homeowners are increasingly interested in the idea of having a smart home, there is one aspect often neglected in smart home upgrades: the control of blinds. Perhaps the beneficiaries do not see the immediate advantages of such automation, or perhaps they think of blinds as less important than they do an ultra-high-performance lighting or audio system. However, the control of blinds is an essential aspect in the design of a smart home and often contributes to the comfort of the owners in ways that they cannot imagine.

blinds automation

One of the reasons why custom blinds automation should be included in a smart home upgrade is the level of comfort they provide. Thanks to smart blinds, owners can enjoy more of the natural light available during the day, as well as more natural heat, which is especially useful in winter. Blinds can automatically close at night, or they can open at an angle that prevents the effects of strong sunlight on precious objects such as art, carpets or even pieces of furniture.

The control of the blinds can be done with the help of a remote control, your smartphone or even your voice. They can open automatically if the fire alarm is triggered or if an intruder is detected. In the case of houses with large windows, privacy is an essential aspect, therefore the blinds can be programmed to close as the daylight level decreases and the interior lights turn on. Moreover, the control of blinds also means the possibility of simulating human presence when the owners are not at home to prevent any home intruders or other problems.