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Interior shutters have been sought after by homeowners for centuries, particularly as “plantation shutters.” Popular for their vintage allure, they’re also incredibly versatile and insulating. Today, the Denver Blind Company can not only install any interior shutter treatment that you want in your home, we can also take care of specialty shapes, French doors, and sliding glass doors. We provide a few different offerings where these beautiful shutters are concerned, and most any of them can be shipped within three weeks! We bring a wide variety of interior window blinds and plantation shutters to the Denver area.


Experience the next level of environmental resistances with the Woodlore® line of shutters. Composed of a proprietary, eco-friendly wood composite and medium-density fibreboard, these shutters are number one among homeowners for a reason. Proven to be stronger and more durable than plain solid wood shutters, the Woodlore® line also boasts a medical-grade, safe polypropylene coating that protects against daily wear, scratches, fading, and discolorations. These shutters are PerfectTilt™ G4 motorization compatible as well! The Denver area residents prefer these interior window blinds because they are durable and chic.

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Experience true luxury with the Normandy® line of real hardwood shutters. These shutters are gorgeously stained and meticulously crafted from renewable Paulownia hardwood. Depending on where we’re installing these shutters, they are ordered with customized wood conditioning for their desired end location. This helps to eliminate that pesky post-installation swelling and warping that can occur with real wood in other situations. See for yourself what natural beauty these hardwood interior shutters have to offer for your living space with unlimited color options from the Denver Blind Company. These shutters are PerfectTilt™ G4 motorization compatible as well! To view the selection of interior window blinds offered in the Denver area, contact the Denver Blind Company!

Denver Custom Shades and Blinds

Protection from the Elements

Having window shutters installed in your Denver home not only adds much needed personality to the interior of your home, but they also come with a number of functional benefits that you should be aware of. Shutters provide a degree of protection from climate and temperature-related factors.

If you have interior window shutters installed in your Denver home, they will assist in protecting against extreme heat in the summer, as well as reducing the effects of colder temperatures and wind in the winter time. Exterior shutters can also provide extra protection in the event of extreme weather, thus eliminating the need for you to install plywood over your windows. Exterior shutters installed on your Denver home provide a shield from flying debris that can damage your windows and create a serious safety hazard.

Privacy, Security, and Customization

Shutters not only provide a degree of protection from weather-related factors, but they also add an extra layer of privacy to your home. The idea of a stranger peering into your home can be an unsettling concept, one that can be solved with the addition of shutters. These window accessories can provide a person with the ability to adjust the amount of light that enters their home.

Increase the Value of Your Home

If you’re debating whether to make the investment and have window shutters installed on your home, think about this fact: shutters can increase the value of a home. A house that has plantation shutters installed allow real estate agents to highlight this feature while showcasing the home. There is a degree of timelessness that is inherent in window shutters, one that can be the added touch that allows your home to stand out above the crowd. An investment in shutters can pay dividends in the long run and can be well worth the money for this reason alone.

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